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Physical Therapy & Rehab

Welcome to Paramount Physical Therapy and Rehab! Paramount Health Services, LLC is a Texas state-licensed outpatient physical therapy practice serving the Greater Houston area since 1999. We have since then expanded to cater our services to the Sugar Land area. We are primarily an outpatient orthopedic practice dealing with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries.  Our services range from dealing with acute and chronic pain, balance and gait training, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, CVA/stroke, sport injury and prevention, and vertigo. 

Our treatment approach can vary from utilizing manual techniques, myofascial release, corrective exercise prescription, and modalities such as traction, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and dry needling to help you in your recovery process. 

Our goal is to help you return to the activities you love doing with decreased overall pain levels and improved functionality in your day-to-day life by conducting a comprehensive evaluation and creating a treatment plan catered solely to you.  Our therapists are highly trained and skilled to provide a quality level of care by putting you, the patient, at the center of focus. Choosing a facility requires a great deal of trust. Our high referral rates and reviews from our clients are a testament to the level of service and care you will receive from our caring staff. 

For any inquiries, feel free to give us a call and we would be glad to be of service to you. 

We offer a broad range of services from post-operative rehabilitation to fitness and injury recovery.

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